Le domaine de l'Hess

The birth of the project nameddomaine de l’Hess and its organic care-well-being products is the way to now affirm a real total creative intention. It extends from brands design, packaging drawings, scenographies, homemade studio photography.

The mind’s meaning is still identity-based, mixing roots and abstractions. Brain picture delivered is bivalent, artisanal tradition and graphic modernity. This make a very personal vision of an ancient product sailing in ages, Maybe waiting for merger …Behind this daily universe in progress, is the idea of ​​a collection of graphic pieces entitled “The coat of arms of the estate”.

In 2023, the visual project drawn for le “Domaine de l’Hess”, it’s first the satisfaction on a really kindly public welcome.

In professional photographic art contests, it has also been:

The EPA Gold Winner in Beauty & Cosmetics category and 7 Prices at New York Photography Awards.

The objective on this is clear in promoting the Domaine de l’Hess signature and in hoping contribute in time to show on more larger fields values and wealth that region that welcomes us count.

ORIGIN I : Graphic work adapted from the serie « Origins »

To exhibit is a self-exposure, to offer to looks, to souls, his nudity, his creativity, his identity. In this sense, in my opinion, there is no peace in giving what we are. If “who I am” is a lost quest, as each moment is building beings, “Where I come from and what I do with it” are questions I think more rational on a path.

I was born in Orléans in 1974. My parents lived in the quarter named “la source” (synonymous of origins in French), in the T17 Tower (like 17 floors) and its 60m height, emblem of a large build place emerging from urbanization. We left town 2 years after.

Like the professional photographer I became in 2019, I returned to Avenue Denis Diderot, the scene of my first open eyes, looking for associate this intimate place to my work. Some few meters of sidewalk for a graphic proposal around abstract, into brutalist architectural style of the 70’s.

In 2023, at 56 years old, The T17 has been shot down by blasting, making place to new urban horizons. In 2024, I will be 50. We are all passing through, actors and witnesses of our evolution, we have to witness.

Origins is forever mine, where I come from; Origin I, a point in the line of what I do with it.

“Origins”: Series of 6 original prints

Competitions and awards: (Professional Serie – Abstract Architecture):

🥇EPA Gold Winner 2023- European Photography Awards

🎖 IPA Honorable Mention 2023 – International Photography Awards

“Origin I”:

Creation and Printing: November 2023

Composition from top to bottom and left to right: Origins – World of Shapes – State – Onde – Vestige 7.0 – Gravity

1st Print presented at the Fabrègues Urban Photo Festival: Direct printing on Alu Dibond®, Size: 92 x 84 cm



Considering Climax is at the end of a cycle, as December would be on a calendar, the last weeks of 2022 come for me at the climax of 3 years of an unforgettable spiritual way:

Al Hadi, FPF Gold Medal, Author Series Theme / International Exhibition of Tulle 2022

World of Shapes & Insertions, SILVER WINNER and Frac in Black, Honorable Mention / New York Photography Award 2022 professional section – Architecture / Abstract category

Stone & Steel , Jury’s favorite – rewarding the best author / Festival de la Photographie urbaine de Fabrègues 2022

At the extreme of the movement, with 33 international awards, more than 300 accreditations in 28 countries, with the honor of counting as EFIAP, I will present some works one last time in French exhibitions 2023, in particular at the national Jeanne d’Arc Criterium of Orleans, where this wave began.

Le Passage, World of Shapes, Urban Way, Angèle, have been like as much trials to shape myself.

Welcome my Son, Chronography#1, Vortex, Saule en Ciel, are the basis of a new trajectory, hoped-for prenatal sketches in the palette of a creative commitment.

Exhibition CLE 2022 : "Saule en Ciel" Author proposal


« Saule en Ciel » (“Willow in Heaven”) is a tribute to a special being, disappeared in this last winter of January. The emblematic Willow of the Chécy wash-house is gone.

This Author’s works comes from a personal emotion about this passing, weighty with emptiness… It borned from the energy, the intention in this sense of Claudine BOUGAS, president of CLE association, organizing each year a multi-disciplinary artistic exhibition, inviting around twenty national artists.

From his desire, from our synergy to share with poetry the memory of this so particular being, I conceived and built “Saule en Ciel”  with few, and even less time…

What this inspiration leaves in me is in many ways deep, identity-based. What it have given to me of artistic encounters, sharing and links is certainly as much.

All along my wanderings in this exhibition hall, I could consider the marvelous work made by the staging and light technicians. This led me to offer the association to produce a photographic report for everyone, including 2 series: « Alliances » , a composition work and « Alice into Betweenland », a kind of wandering around the fantastic characters in tissue paper, sculpted by Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL, from her series « Once upon a time…Alice ».

58 photos compose this report, given free of all rights to artists and the Chécy Libre Expression association


As a wave, few months after the distinction of Artist of the international federation, the title of AFPF (Artist of the Photographic Federation of France) comes to shape 2 years of proposals in French contests, mostly in paper fairs.




5 letters as 5 continents

5 letters of a large advantage, an International Artistic Distinction, lying from now on my way.

Special Thanks: Alain Wittezäele and José Manuel Pires-Dias


Individual International Paper Contest

Giving life to a moment of the world, by lying it on its best support is definitively ultimate way of my photographic act. Discover its own spirit print is the privilege of a singular moment, to submit it is to share, hoping to contribute to a certain form of artistic value. In 2021, I ‘ll have submitted my prints to the organizers who will have been able to maintain their annual photographic event, against adversity.

Pérignat sur Allier, Vernon in Normandy, Riedisheim, and Tulle.

In this last one, for a first participation in its international fair, 7 accredited works and the place of 8th author of the competition, will have represented a magnificent recognition.

FIAP (IP) World Tour

In deciding at the the fisrt of January to follow the FIAP world photographic art competitions  adventure, there is just fragility. Projected Image competitions have their own codes and requirements.  Geographical and cultural characteristics of the organizing country are other parameters to add. This is a very different work.

Submissions are always global, the proposals are mostly exceptional, sometimes amazing… To rise in this demanding sphere one day, it’s necessary to observe, learn, analyze, and constantly raise the quality and the choice of proposals.

It’s also in this way now, I’m trying to serve more, try to magnify beyond my own limits, the world that amazes me. First pieces


«  Triography  is a generational representation, the witness of our Space Time, with this particular Extra Soul coming from multi-composed works”

Ode to Human Genius as the 5th element, with a first proposition of 18 series, this concept is a footbridge from Past to Future

Each “Triography” is an original work composed of 3 photographs in a single piece.



September - Chronography#1 : inauguration video for a first social network


Chronography # 1 is a flash born with “Mount” from the French group The Blaze into my headphone. Added to my website’s opening www.marcsouryphotography.com in September 2020, this video clip is produced and directed in a short version for the inauguration of a first social network. With this share’s tool, I hope drop off, all along the flowing time, some chronographic “frames”, as so many inspirations. Here is the Original Version with the complete musical support

FIAP Individual International Paper Contest



By registering in February my 8 first prints in an international competition sponsored by high authorities including the International Federation of Photographic Art, I have only one hope.

To see one of my photographs be admitted in a competition of this level

International Contest of Mayet (France)

« Le passage » (The transition)


February - Regional Author Contest

Author’s work takes an exponential place in my development. It multiplies creativity. I really enjoy this exercise.

I’ve found a long time is needed to ripen it. Each composed work that I’ve chosen to follow the invitation for now, is an exciting spiritual adventure.

For my second participation in regional Author contest, I’ve entered a series of 12 photographs…

1st place of competition,

Admission to the National Author contest – National final place : 44th

Post Scriptum:

After 1 year of discuss, the legal department of Orléans declined the donation proposal, having considered that their current structure cannot ensure the respect of the rights against piracy for a contemporary author, in digital distribution. The photographic proposal of the archives is indeed currently made of images free of rights, due to the expiry of the legal deadlines after the author’s disappearance.

Subsequently proposed to the historical fund of the Loiret departmental archives. For the same reasons my proposal could not obtain a favorable answer.

This photographic found remains available to anyone who will be interested in it.

You and me to make contact

January – Become Professionnal

Rather than dreaming my life, I prefered to live the dream she brought to me.

By becoming professionnal photographer, I made the choice to exclude from Photography everything that was time-consuming, to devote, as long as possible, my energy :

To live the freedom She offers,

To return; by serving, sharing, thanking

Through Her prism.


International Individual Contest participation MonoAwards

After 2 years of Photography, if I had to leave all, I’d take  “World of Shapes” with me anyway; because she has anytime the same hypnotic echoes in me, she tirelessly lead me with her, out of time . So, in november, I decided to send her like lonely ambassador in front of a world elite

First approach…

The jury of the Black and White International Photography Contest awards “World of shapes” his HONORABLE MENTION- Amateur category – Section Abstract.


Permanent own exhibition "Evolutiv'M"



This initiative is the result of the meeting between a need of illustration for professional spaces and a beautiful opportunity to share my reproductions.

Since October 2019, the walls of the co-working space of Espace & Co association are hosting my first permanent exhibition entitled “Evolutiv’M”. With a own selection of 30 thematic photographs

I conceptualized and produced Evolutiv’M with a guideline: How to “share space” rather than decorate it.

With the trust of the elected members of the association and the total freedom of expression and design offered to me, I envisioned making “Evolutiv’M” the snapshot of my photographic exercise.

Epilogue : The health crisis forced the association to close its offices in 2021. I want to thank once again Jean-Louis, Fabienne and Géraldine for their welcomings

Collective exhibition at the Jean Saint Le Blanc Castle

For many years, the PCCO is invited, every 2 years, to take possession of the castle for a 10-days exhibition.

This setting is dedicated to artistic creation (Painting, Sculpture, Photography).

With this collective exhibition I have the opportunity to present my first 2 composed works.

Ariégeoise, definitive work

Orléans 3D, work in progress

Color Paper National Contest

My photo club, the Photo Ciné Club Orléanais preselects one of my proposals to participate in the National Club contest of the French Federation. During this competition,

The judges have the kindness to grant « Didier » The 11th ranking of the competition and The first award for this representation and his author.


April 2017 - An intuition

April 2017 - An intuition

For many of us, a camera is the essential tool for holidays and family events. Taking care of the souvenir albums, I bought in 2016, a consumer digital bridge camera, with a powerful zoom and a good resolution. It seemed ideal for any use and more than sufficient for my practice. It will never have left the automatic mode and the factory settings … Lightning

Spring 2017, in the north of Sardinia, I am just another tourist to visit, with mine, the maritime city of Porto Torres. I feel the need to photograph, but otherwise. An intuition carries me, I go alone towards the industrial zone, inexorably snacked by the sea winds.

I don’t know anything about Photography but I keep safe the unforgettable feeling of that first day, when I became free….

My first digital developments, on a small software, definitely lead me to go further.

I must have to learn how to make Photography.

September 2017 - Learn & say Thank you

At the end of the summer, I left my bridge camera to acquire an APS-C reflex camera, 2 lenses, some filters and a tripod.

To get started in good conditions with this very high-tech companion,

I have several ideas

« jour de rêve » (Dream day)

Shooting with the 24-70mm lens that Philippe lends me.

2017, September.

Blois, the haze….

I signed up for a beginner course in a one-day session. In front of me, an enigmatic beast on a tripod. I understand nothing, 3 photos very, very failed, painful…. Philippe arrives. Photographer, internship facilitator. His benevolence, 3 minutes, 2 buttons, a trigger

…………………………. [FRACTION]…………………………

I met Photography. The date of a lifetime.

Thank you Philippe,

I know you remember this moment

You definitely were the finger on the trigger.


« RAW 00001 »

My first RAW, at the media center of Orléans,  with Armelle


2017, September,

Orléans, historical center ….

I join the Photo Ciné Club Orléanais. First outing in “old-new duo”

Armelle and I are partners. Archi shooting, media center and cathedral of Orléans.

During collective meetings, Armelle regularly shares her great knowledge in Photography. Composition, artistic rules, rigor.

Once a week, I’m listen, I measure, I try to adapt.


Will time give me more opportunities to thank you enough.


1st work with walnut stain, a suggestion of Dominique


2017, September,

Bou, Association of la fraternelle de Bou, plastic art section.

Dominique is a painter. He studied at the Orléans Institute of Visual Arts. He enjoys teaching. I opt for drawing, first experience.

With him and his encouragement, I understand the most : THE LIGHT

Of your share, Dominique, I received 2 founding rules :

– Light cannot be without the shadow it generates.

–In art expression both live an artist, a work and the emotion it arouses.


And then, there are few very formative readings that have marked my initiation since 2018.

– First and foremost, the essential and founder “pavement”: THE USER’S GUIDE of my device. No guide, no picture.

– I would also have benefited from the sharing of authors and photographers through their books, their blogs. THANKS to them :

Eyrolles editions : Adrian Schulz, Christophe Audebert, Denis Dubesset, Fabrice Milochau, Anne-Laure Jacquart, Eric Delamarre, André Amyot

Knowware editions : Joëlle Verbrugge (Tell me Joëlle, When do you sleep ?). special thanks for your thousand works

http://www.emmanuelgeorjon.com ; https://www.ouiouiphoto.frhttps://www.arnaudfrichphoto.com  ;  https://www.joelle-verbrugge-photographe.com