[My light]

After studying civil engineering, I was involved for 15 years in the design and achievement of buildings under construction or rehabilitation in Orléans (France)

 I came to Photography in September 2017, I was 43. I came to Photography in September 2017, I was 43. After my first triggering, an everlasting and unspeakable fraction of time I could ever forget; a new bright way

Photography is not a passion, that’s not what She came for.

She has rather imposed herself as a sudden no-brainer to the one I was, with a concept I would never guess, the «sensitive communication”.

In Her first flash, She opened me to a perpetual way of receiving differently and offered to share the best I have

She first led me to imagine a footbridge, to draw it and with these first words, to deliver its foundations.

I am particularly fascinated by the human work. I like to witness the way he lives his parentage to the Origins.

In my eyes, the lines of the architect genius add to the natural chaos, the work of the builders opposes laws of gravity and time. There are also the fruits of our creative power and their so ephemeral existence.

In my eyes, over-materialized cities in an endless run, live at high speed.

Beyond those, Countryside – the memorial – where sustainability and obsolescence coexist in a slow-speed natural cycle.

Finally there are high and low reliefs, frame and cradle, which beating the measure. The “tic-tac” of our algorithm.

Seas and mountains, cities and countryside… suddenly, in the perfect middle, appeared a child…..

I understood then I was wrong to try answering to this incessant : Why ; because the right way was obviously FOR WHO ?

Actor and witness of my time, I do Photography for children of the contemporary world, who, in the picture and through it, will share a vision of aesthetics, graphics, poetry, like little frames of our reality.

This space is ours,

 M. – Child of the World  […Come in]