«  Triography  is a generational representation, the witness of our Space Time, with this particular Extra Soul coming from multi-composed works”

Ode to Human Genius as the 5th element, with a first proposition of series, this concept is a footbridge from Past to Future

Each “Triography” is an original work composed of 3 photographs in a single piece.

Gold n Globe

When the December’s sphere add to the perfect harmonic geometry of Oxford Street, London


When an exercise of contrast and balance is exists on this way, it becomes itself, beyond appearances, a creative strength.

En passant

Place Châtelet, ancient marketplace of Orléans is nowadays a sweet transition aera between la Loire and the city, where movement plays between nuances and structures.

Genius II



Buzz, Neil, into the suspended time of the childhood, which of us has not risked the great leap, signed an unexplored universe?


At a station platform, at the bottom of a river bed, 2 motionless vectors that photography can bring back to life.

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