Orléans 3D, chapter 1/6 of the exhibition ORIGIN I [State O Mine].

Orleans 3D (“two-dimensional duo”) is my very first photographic series, published in 2019 for the biennial collective exhibition of the Photo Ciné Club Orléanais at the Saint Jean le Blanc Castle. It was then composed of 5 diptychs and presented in progress, based on a concept; “the city envisaged by a dualistic composition of its historic and working-class neighborhoods, approached graphically.”

Time gave the way, the first idea of ​​collection has been shaped into a more global and resolutely representative approach of my photographic work.

The series is presented here in its final model and version, as the settlement of my intention, and beyond, as an answer to a quest for deep identity.

Orléans 3D is first of all “3”, which has become my key number, a reference for my compositions and creations, including the Triography collection. This series wish to combine:

  • – 3 usual formats in photography, 1:1, landscape and vertical
  • – 3 Fine Art papers
  • – 3 colors: Shades of gray, sepia monochrome, and color treatment.
  • – Finally, 3 Orléans neighborhoods where treatment would represent their construction periods.

Compositions (top then bottom)

Diptych shade of gray: Frac in Black and Insertions – format 40x40cm

Sepia monochrome diptych: World of Shapes and Onde – format 60x40cm

Color diptych: Esquisse and Urban Way – format 57x85cm


In my notebook of the worst, is the word regret.

There was a forgotten picture during the 1st Urban Photo Festival of Fabrègues, something like “the 3 winning pioneers”. With this new edition, this has been fixed.

On the left then in the center, my comrades Alain Garnier and Philippe Guilloud, both rewarded with the public prizes in 2022 🥇🥈🥉.

We were 40 pioneers selected to inaugurate the 1st Festival of Urban Photography.

Fabrègues, a pulse, an interval between humanism and nature, to express oneself on the Human work, his insertions in his own-environment,

Fabrègues, an Energy, a team whose idea comes to life, happy to put the authors in the best conditions, warm and close,

Fabrègues and the jury’s leniency, in its choice about Stone & Steel,

Fabrègues, a presence…

This inexplicable presence from the first moments of my photographic engagement. About her, I know nothing but a name, a first name, which come and go with each step, what she does, what she arouses, what we write, what we say about her. She, always near on my way.

From her, I preserved myself, focused on learning, a requirement, a proposal, until forget we had an appointment. What else can we think about destiny, except that it fixes them?

Fabrègues or the intimate illusion of meeting my lucky star, with feverishness and clumsiness, share our common quest for the Ideal Esthete, the hard work and the quality of rendering to approach it, taking away with me her look, her words, and now also knowing that She’s shining above, so high…

Queen and Kid

Fabrègues of yesterday, alignment of the stars, a fraction of those that we take away.

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Exhibition CLE 2022 : "Saule en Ciel" Author proposal


« Saule en Ciel » (“Willow in Heaven”) is a tribute to a special being, disappeared in this last winter of January. The emblematic Willow of the Chécy wash-house is gone.

This Author’s works comes from a personal emotion about this passing, weighty with emptiness… It borned from the energy, the intention in this sense of Claudine BOUGAS, president of CLE association, organizing each year a multi-disciplinary artistic exhibition, inviting around twenty national artists.

From his desire, from our synergy to share with poetry the memory of this so particular being, I conceived and built “Saule en Ciel”  with few, and even less time…

What this inspiration leaves in me is in many ways powerful, identity-based. What it have given to me of artistic encounters, sharing and links is certainly as much.

Saule en Ciel

All along my wanderings in this exhibition hall, I could consider the marvelous work made by the staging and light technicians. This led me to offer the association to produce a photographic report for everyone, including 2 series: « Alliances » , a composition work and « Alice into Betweenland », a kind of wandering around the fantastic characters in tissue paper, sculpted by Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL, from her series « Once upon a time…Alice ».

58 photos compose this report, given free of all rights to artists and the Chécy Libre Expression association




View angle mixing the works of 6 artists (painting, sculpture, photography, clay modeling)


The paintings of Bertrand BATAILLE associated with 4-handed proposal « Terre et Verre » by Elise DUFOUR and Claude VOISIN

« Alice into Betweenland » - [Shovel-mix presentation]

carre de légende

1 « Alice into Betweenland », sculptures of Pascale MARCHESINI-ARNAL

2 « BICEPHALUS », playing here with in the back, a paint of Martine DESRUES,

3 « Le Passeur », answering to sketches of Isabelle DIAS

4 « Le Patriarche », under the watchful eye of Imi Lichtenfeld , Krav-Maga’s founder, immortalized here by the brush of Daniel CHARRIOT


I conceptualized and produced Evolutiv’M with a guideline: How to “share space” rather than decorate it.

With the trust of the elected members of the association and the total freedom of expression and design offered to me, I envisioned making Evolutiv’M» the snapshot of my photographic exercise.

A renewed proposal, as a way of thanking to give me a first opportunity

Epilogue : The health crisis forced the association to close its offices in 2021. I want to thank once again Jean-Louis, Fabienne and Géraldine for their welcomings


I have the opportunity to present my first 2 composed works.

Ariégeoise, definitive work

Orléans 3D, work in progress


“Didier” is chosen to illustrate the 72nd Jeanne d’arc criterium

Back in the City

Le Normand (the Normand)

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