The Last Room

The last day of the Orleans penitentiary center before its demolition in 2019. A water park was inaugurated in this area in June 2021.


Al Hadi

Blocks 76


Docks 76

At the heart of this area, where the structures are proportional to the macro industry they serve, the efficiency perceived as the line that the artist will deposit.

Le Havre, @2018

 Heaven’s Road

In one of these human works on end of life, which obsolescence has condemned, we still can be witness, for a time, of a three-dimensional representation of artistic rules.


Last Call

Last days for the Orleanese warehouses of the mail order company Quelle, deconstructed in 2020

 Orléans, @2018


In the purgatory of an individual freedom’sicon, there is no longer mph but yd3.

(thanks to Axelle Masson.)


Compression 5

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